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  • Veneers – What are they? What treatment looks like – Price of veneers

    What are veneers? A veneer is a very thin flake made of porcelain, which is applied by a dentist using a special glue, on a previously developed tooth. Veneers are assumed from the external surface of the tooth, that is from the lip or cheek side, which is visible to outsiders. Due to their nature, veneers must be performed in Continue Reading
  • Corticotomy – what is the procedure?

    Corticotomy - what is the procedure? In the field of dentistry, various treatments are performed to treat the teeth of patients, periodontal tissues, or eliminate existing malocclusions or prevent their formation. In the case of orthodontics, which is one of the branches of dental science, a corticotomy procedure is mentioned. What is he and who will be recommended? Corticotomy - Continue Reading
  • Teeth scaling – What is tooth decalcification?

    Teeth scaling - What is tooth decalcification? Plaque forms as a result of incorrect removal of plaque from the surface of our teeth. The plate hardens (undergoes mineralization) and changes into a hard mass, sticking strongly to tooth enamel. If a stone appears on the surface of our teeth, it is not possible to remove it at home. This must Continue Reading

Dental Clinic Warsaw

Supradent Warsaw Dental Clinic, based in Mokotow, cordially invites you to the clinics. We guarantee the highest quality of dental services. We treat each patient with individual care and we surround him with due care.

The highest quality of service - We treat as if we ourselves wanted to be treated.

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We offer a wide variety of routine treatments to high end cosmetic dentistry in the heart of Mokotow

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We offer access to a passionate, dynamic and highly-educated and experienced team of dental specialists across every field.

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We offer access to the state-of-the art equipment. We embrace innovation.



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