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  • See the most common malocclusion

    The most common malocclusion One can distinguish three main categories of defects: malocclusion, facial-maxillary defects, dental defects. in the construction of dental arches: cross bite - characterized by abnormal overlap of teeth in the entire dental arch or in certain sections; undershot - total or partial, where the lower dental arch overlaps the upper, so that the jaw projects forward; Continue Reading
  • Periodontal decortication. Check what it is !

    What is periodontal decortication? The Piezocision treatment is nothing but periodontal decortication, i.e. an ultrasound procedure using the orthodontic method, which is equal to the effectiveness of the orthodontic appliance. Its main advantage is that you do not have to wait long for the desired effects of treatment. In the course of periodontal dehydration, the dentist cuts the cortical bone Continue Reading
  • What is a sonic toothbrush? How to choose the best one?

    aily, regular and thorough brushing should be the responsibility of everyone - from a child to an adult. Thanks to the attachment to meticulous oral hygiene, you can keep your beautiful and healthy teeth for a longer time, with no trace of carious lesions. There are various types of brushes on the market that allow you to take care of Continue Reading

Dental Clinic Warsaw

Supradent Warsaw Dental Clinic, based in Mokotow, cordially invites you to the clinics. We guarantee the highest quality of dental services. We treat each patient with individual care and we surround him with due care.

The highest quality of service - We treat as if we ourselves wanted to be treated.

Please visit Contact Us - Tel: +48 606 315 315

Wide range of dental treatments
We offer a wide variety of routine treatments to high end cosmetic dentistry in the heart of Mokotow

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We offer access to a passionate, dynamic and highly-educated and experienced team of dental specialists across every field.

Hi-tech equipement
We offer access to the state-of-the art equipment. We embrace innovation.



Schedule a consultation with Dr Malgorzata Adamczyk, DDS, PhD, our Invisalign-certified doctor and take your first step towards beautiful teeth.

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There are 6 outdoor parking places available for patients of The Supradent Clinic.  

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