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  • Types of dental implants

    Types of dental implants Dental implants make it possible to fill the gaps in the patient's teeth. Their insertion allows for the reconstruction of single tooth crowns as well as prosthetic bridges or whole prostheses. They are stable, durable and durable, and most importantly - the patient is free to smile and eat even very hard foods without fear of Continue Reading
  • What are dental implants?

    Development of implantology, ie the science of implant insertion into living organisms, to replace Natural and lost dentition patients, it allows to regain a beautiful smile after injuries and caries. What exactly are dental implants? What are implants? The tooth implant is the most important element of dental implant restoration, thanks to which a durable aesthetic effect can be achieved. Continue Reading
  • Types of orthodontic appliances

    Types of orthodontic appliances Orthodontic treatment is aimed at restoring teeth to correct their teeth, removing bite defects and increasing the aesthetics of dentition. Orthodontists offer their patients a variety of orthodontic devices. What are their types? Classic orthodontic devices Orthodontic devices most often associate with metal "jewelry" on the teeth. Indeed, such classic metal cases with locks on individual Continue Reading

Dental Clinic Warsaw

Supradent Warsaw Dental Clinic, based in Mokotow, cordially invites you to the clinics. We guarantee the highest quality of dental services. We treat each patient with individual care and we surround him with due care.

The highest quality of service - We treat as if we ourselves wanted to be treated.

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Wide range of dental treatments
We offer a wide variety of routine treatments to high end cosmetic dentistry in the heart of Mokotow

Medical Team

We offer access to a passionate, dynamic and highly-educated and experienced team of dental specialists across every field.

Hi-tech equipement
We offer access to the state-of-the art equipment. We embrace innovation.



Schedule a consultation with Dr Malgorzata Adamczyk, DDS, PhD, our Invisalign-certified doctor and take your first step towards beautiful teeth.

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There are 6 outdoor parking places available for patients of The Supradent Clinic.  

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