Teeth sandblasting

piaskowanie zębów


Hygienic and preventive treatments performed in the dentist's office help to maintain the patient's teeth in perfect condition, increase their durability and strength and bleach. Thanks to them, you can also reduce the vulnerability of teeth to carious lesions. One such treatment is sandblasting. What is it?


What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a hygienic treatment that is performed in patients with permanent dentition. Sometimes it is a complementary treatment to scaling the teeth. The purpose of sandblasting is to remove the bacterial plaque that accumulates on the surface of the teeth. The untreated plaque over time becomes a plaque, which can not be removed with normal brushing.

In addition, the sandblasting of the teeth leads to the reduction of discoloration and fine amounts of dental plaque. Very often sandblasting is recommended before performing professional teeth whitening in the dental office.

What is the sanding of the teeth?

Knowing what sanding is, it is useful to find out what the procedure looks like. It is carried out by the dentist or on his recommendation by a dental hygienist. The specialist using a tool such as a dental grinder performs sandblasting.

The grinder works in such a way that it generates a strong jet of water under pressure. Active ingredients are added to the water. cleaning agents in the form of sodium bicarbonate and other ingredients that easily reach the water to the hardest accessible spaces between the teeth.

In addition to the dental grinder, the dentist inserts a sucker into the oral cavity of the patient to collect the spent fine powder that accumulates during the operation. After the sandblasting of the teeth, their fluoridation is performed.