Veneers – What are they? What treatment looks like – Price of veneers

What are veneers?

A veneer is a very thin flake made of porcelain, which is applied by a dentist using a special glue, on a previously developed tooth. Veneers are assumed from the external surface of the tooth, that is from the lip or cheek side, which is visible to outsiders.

Due to their nature, veneers must be performed in a dedicated way for each patient. During the first visit to the dentist's office, the dentist should choose an appropriate treatment plan and make an appointment for the patient, during which the teeth surface of the enamel will be polished. Do not be afraid of such surgery, because it is completely painless. After grinding, it's time to take the impression, which is reproduced by a faithfully polished tooth. At this stage, the dentist selects the porcelain color to be used to make the veneers. He takes into account his own experience and expectations of his patient. Then he makes a temporary veneer to preserve the aesthetics of a smile.

After a few days of waiting, the patient should once again report to his dentist, who will try on the dedicated veneers. He will be able to assess the aesthetic effect he will achieve with this smile correction method. If everything goes well, the veneer is cemented permanently on the front (labial or buccal) surface of the patient's natural teeth.

Who are the veneers for?

The most common recommendation for the performance of veneers is dictated by aesthetic considerations. This means that veneers are intended for people who would like to:

change the shape, color, length of the tooth,
eliminate small gaps between teeth,
rebuild a small, missing tooth fragment,
compensate for the curvature of the teeth (with small defects).
Dentists advise their patients to put on veneers when there is a need and willingness to close the diastema, ie the gap between the teeth. Veneers allow to reduce or even completely close the gap between the teeth, which affects the patient's frame of mind and regain self-confidence. If the incisive tooth is broken - its fragment has been eliminated, it does not have to be torn off and replaced with an implant. Veneers will allow to achieve the proper filling effect, and will be more aesthetic and durable than traditional, ordinary composite fillings.

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