• Implants


    (Polski) Klinika stomatologiczna Supradent Warszawa oferuje szeroki wachlarz usług z zakresu protetyki zębowej, w tym zabiegi implantologiczne. Specjaliści w naszej klinice stosują różne systemy wstawiania implantów, zawsze dobrane indywidualnie do potrzeb i oczekiwań pacjenta.

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  • Periodontics


    The branch of dentistry that deals with prophylactics and the treatment of peridontium diseases, which affect the gingiva (gums) and the tissues surrounding and supporting the structure of the teeth. If we do not brush our…

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  • Endodontics


    Testowa zajawka EN - tutaj można wpisać dowolną ilość znaków.

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  • Ortodoncja


    Brak tłumaczenie en.

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  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry

    The term 'cosmetic dentistry' is used to refer to a number of dental procedures that improve the appearance of teeth, via changing their colour (lightening their shade), shape and positioning, as well as by aesthetic and…

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  • Prosthetic dentistry

    Prosthetic dentistry

    Prosthetic dentistry a dental specialty pertaining to the restoration of failed or missing teeth with natural-looking reconstructions such as crowns, bridges and removable dentures to restore and maintain oral function, comfort and the esthetics of your…

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