Teeth scaling – What is tooth decalcification?

Teeth scaling - What is tooth decalcification?

Plaque forms as a result of incorrect removal of plaque from the surface of our teeth. The plate hardens (undergoes mineralization) and changes into a hard mass, sticking strongly to tooth enamel. If a stone appears on the surface of our teeth, it is not possible to remove it at home. This must be done in the dental office, because it is a threat to the health of teeth and gums and a serious visual defect.

What is scaling?

Scaling, in other words descaling teeth is one of the most often performed treatments in dental surgeries today, which aims to remove mineralized dental deposits, in other words - stone. The dentist performs teeth scaling, which involves the removal of hard tartar. You can implement it in several different ways:

ultrasonic scaling - using an ultrasonic scaler,
laser scaling - the stone is removed using a laser scaler,
mechanical scaling - performed using a drill bit,
chemical scaling - based on applying a 30% perhydrol solution on the teeth, which will dissolve the stone,
traditional scaling - performed using hand scales,
sound scaling - it consists in removing deposits by means of sound waves in the range of 6-8 kHz.
Removal of tartar is painless for the patient, and the scaler used during the procedure by the dentist, in no case can damage the surface of the tooth. Scaling can take the form of supragingival treatment, which consists in the removal of a stone from the surface of the tooth crown, or subgingival scaling, which allows removal of the stone that accumulates beneath the surface of the gums.

How often do you do scaling?

Dentists recommend scaling, or tartar removal, once every 6 months or once a year. These are averaged values, because people who smoke, drink coffee and strong tea require more frequent scaling. The frequency of this type of treatment is also influenced by individual features attributed to patients, which are largely conditioned by salivary components. If it is highly mineralized, it should promote faster scale deposition.

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