Tooth Whitening – Can they be corrected?

Tooth Whitening - Can you correct their shape?

Not everyone can have beautiful, even teeth of the same size and shape. If the differences in the teeth are significant, in a few cases the shape of the teeth can be corrected by sawing. What is it really about and whether the sawing process is safe?

Sawing the teeth - what kind of treatment?

The alignment of the teeth, correcting and contouring their shapes, improves the aesthetics of the dentition. This is done with the use of sawing teeth. Dentists recommend sawing in people with crushed, broken or uneven teeth. This is a procedure that belongs to the field of aesthetic dentistry.

The treatment of teeth is done in order to give them the right shape, not necessarily for health reasons. Alignment of teeth by sawing is extremely rare. It depends on the enamel enamel. Grinding teeth is called contouring and involves the healthy teeth being worn using drill bits, erasers, and abrasive discs.

It is worth emphasizing that the contouring, ie the sawing of the teeth, is an invasive process that strongly interferes with the structure of the patient's teeth. This is a procedure that involves breaking the tooth enamel, so that they can become more susceptible to tooth decay. Despite topical anesthesia, the patient may experience pain, especially within a few hours after sawing. The advantage of contingency is that it can be performed even during a single visit to the dentist. When the teeth are aligned through sawing, the surface is polished.

Indications for leveling teeth

Aesthetic medicine offers us many treatments to improve our appearance. There are also treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry, such as teeth alignment through sawing. The most common aesthetic considerations, ie dissatisfaction with the current appearance and shape of natural teeth, are the most common. At the same time, it may be advisable to install prosthetic bridges, which are used inter alia when at least a few teeth are missing in the patient's mouth.