Visit to the dentist – how often ?

Visit to the dentist - how often?

Doctors agree that prevention is always better than cure. This rule also applies to the issue of oral health. If we take care of our teeth properly, they will stay healthy longer and we will avoid possible pain related to tooth and gum disease. Dental prophylaxis should also include control visits to the dentist. How often should they take place?

Why check the state of your teeth regularly?

Even with very thorough and systematic brushing, the use of dental floss to clean the spaces between the teeth and the use of mouthwash, any caries or periodontal disease may develop. Therefore, you can not completely opt out of having to visit the dental office. It would be best if all dental problems were diagnosed at an early stage of their development. Then the dentist can take appropriate steps that will allow him to counteract diseases. Eliminating the embryo of caries in the bud requires shorter and less complicated dental procedures than removing a huge cavity in the teeth.

How often should dental check-ups be carried out?

A control visit to the dental office should be regular, although various sources indicate different intervals between subsequent visits to the dentist. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question about the frequency of controlling teeth in the dentist's office, because it depends on the patient's age, the risk of various dental diseases and individual reasons. However, it is assumed that proper dental prophylaxis involves checking the dentition and the entire oral cavity of the dentist once every 3-6 months. Therefore, we should report to the dentist at least twice a year, unless our dentist recommends otherwise.

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