What are dental implants?

Development of implantology, ie the science of implant insertion into living organisms, to replace Natural and lost dentition patients, it allows to regain a beautiful smile after injuries and caries. What exactly are dental implants?

What are implants?

The tooth implant is the most important element of dental implant restoration, thanks to which a durable aesthetic effect can be achieved. Thanks to the implants, dentures are restored to the patients and the chewing mechanism is improved.

There is a misconception that dental implants are simply artificial, single teeth while the tooth implant is a screw, most often made of titanium, whose role is to replace the root of the tooth. The screw is screwed into the jaw bone or jaw and only after the dental implant has been successfully placed can the crown rebuild the visible part of the tooth.

Advantages of implants

Dental implants allow you to achieve the desired aesthetic effects and restore full dentition. Patients praise that artificial teeth work just as well, if not better than their natural teeth.

Replaced implants behave just like real teeth. The patient may forget in a moment that he or she does not. They do not need to grind healthy teeth to rebuild lost crown pillars. Both implants can be rebuilt, prosthetic bridges and prostheses without metal clamps. Single implants, ie individual teeth, are so selected for the remaining teeth that it is difficult to distinguish them. Care should be taken in the same way as natural teeth so that they do not result in unappetizing discoloration.

When will implants be inserted?

In dentistry, dental implants are used to fill gaps in dentition and to improve the stability of dentures. They have been used for decades and imitate the true root of the tooth. In general, implants are made of titanium because the metal is hard, stable and, most importantly, highly biocompatible with human bone. Quickly grow up with her and is well tolerated by the body. It has the burden of being chewed up for many years.

Implant surgery will be a good option for all patients who have lost one or several teeth for various reasons or have had to put up with the loss of the entire dentition. They do not have to accept the use of traditional, removable artificial jaw. They can opt for implants that will allow you to rebuild your dentition in the most natural way possible.

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