What is a sonic toothbrush? How to choose the best one?

aily, regular and thorough brushing should be the responsibility of everyone - from a child to an adult. Thanks to the attachment to meticulous oral hygiene, you can keep your beautiful and healthy teeth for a longer time, with no trace of carious lesions. There are various types of brushes on the market that allow you to take care of your teeth. These are manual, electric toothbrushes and modern sonic toothbrushes. Is it worth choosing the latter? What kind of sonic toothbrush will be the best for us?

Sonic brush - what is it?

Among the different types of brushes used to maintain proper oral hygiene, sonic toothbrushes deserve attention. A sonic toothbrush is a type of electric toothbrush that works one with greater efficiency because it performs around 31 thousand. revolutions per minute, while the classic electric toothbrush only 8,000 rotations per minute. Therefore, by using it in daily oral hygiene, we will be able to precisely clean the entire surface of the teeth, and at the same time not expose the periodontal tissues to damage.

The sonic brush is equipped with a longitudinal tip, such as in the case of a manual toothbrush.

Sonic brush - how does it work?

The mode of operation of sonic brushes is based on the technology of emitting vibrations and sound waves. Each sonic toothbrush has a head with a generator, which is responsible for the emission of sound waves that move the brush bristles. These vibrations then propagate in the mouth and form toothpaste, water and saliva bubbles, which very effectively remove bacteria and accumulated sediment and food residue. The sonic brush performs a sweeping movement recommended by dentists, which is treated as the most effective way of brushing teeth.

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