Bridges on implants

Gabinet w klinice Supradent
Gabinet w klinice Supradent
The task of the implants is to imitate the natural root of the tooth. Usually they are in the form of a titanium screw that is screwed into the bone of the jaw or jaw. After healing the wound and integrating the implant with the patient’s bone, prosthetic reconstruction can be started. Individual dental crowns, prosthetic bridges and even entire jaws are placed on implants. Implant bridges are actually a supplementation of multi-tooth missing, that is, covering at least a few teeth, using dental implants. The surgeon must give an opinion on the possibility of using implants in prosthetic reconstruction in the form of bridges on implants, therefore the first step will be consultation with the implantologist for our patients. He will decide whether there is a possibility of implanting a person for a given person. If so, the extensive missing teeth can be supplemented with bridges on implants.

When are implant bridges used?

Such a procedure will be recommended for every patient with multi-tooth missing, who wants to get the best aesthetic results and restore the normal functions of his jaw. Leaving gaps in the jaw will result in a decrease in the natural ability to chew it properly, contribute to the cheeks falling and thus to changing facial features. Gaps in teeth, after losing some of them, can cause permanent and irreversible movement of surrounding and opposing teeth. We must also point out that in many cases they become the cause of extensive disappearance of the jaw bone. Prosthetic restoration in the form of a bridge on implants allows you to recover missing teeth adjacent to each other. In this case, the classic restoration, using an ordinary prosthetic bridge based on the patient’s own teeth as pillars, turns out to be impossible in such cases, because the dentist would have to use an extensive bridge span. The patient’s own teeth may also turn out to be too weak to apply such a solution. Fortunately, the modern dentistry we practice in our Supradent clinic in Warsaw allows us to supplement the vast tooth deficits in the form of bridges on implants.

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