Child dentistry Warsaw

When the first tooth is present in the mouth of our baby, parents should take care to apply the basic principles of oral hygiene. Daily tooth brushing with a silicone brush and then a classic toothbrush should come into the habit of both them and their babies. Children must also be under constant dental control, dealing with child dentistry, practiced in many dental clinics. What is it?

Pediatric dentistry in Warsaw

It is a mistake to treat milk teeth after mucus. Many parents assume that their teeth need to go out of their way, so it does not make sense to brush or cure them in the dentist’s office. Meanwhile, the child dentist emphasizes that the condition of the teeth of the teeth significantly affects the condition of the permanent teeth. If the child’s first teeth are chipped through the caries, they will not only fall out but can also cause severe pain. Therefore it is necessary to wash them daily to prevent the development of caries and other diseases. The child should also attend a child dentist. The dental clinic for children will allow the youngest patients to become acquainted with the office and get familiar with the doctor who will take care of their teeth in subsequent years. Dentistry for children is one of the areas of interest for our Supradent clinic. Small patients will feel safe and will be happy to come back to us. We will take care of their mental comfort, and any treatment will be 100% painless.

First visit

The pediatric dentist recommends that the child’s first visit to the dentist be held in the vicinity of his or her first birthday, when the first teeth appear in the mouth. You can then check whether the development of the face and the entire dentition is going well. For parents this visit is also very important, because it carries invaluable information about the diet and care of teeth whitening ejaculate. The child dentist will answer all your child’s oral hygiene questions, how to clean your teeth and what symptoms your parents should worry about.

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