Closing Diastema

Closing of the Diastel at Supradent clinic Warsaw

Diastema causes cavity defects, problems with correct speech, and initiates the development of periodontal disease. Removing the diaster may be a necessity, but it should be assessed by a specialist. For consultation of all persons with diastema we invite you to our clinic Supradent in Warsaw.

Diastema in practice

The gap between the medial secular teeth, ie simply between the upper one, can be judged as adorable. One diastema adds beauty, another receives it. Diastema is not always the cause of malocclusion. Only a gap of more than 2 meters will cause the diastema to require treatment. Otherwise you can, but you do not need to remove it. It does not require from an objective point of view to undertake treatment. There are several types of diaries: The diastole coincides – when the lower end of the teeth is facing each other, The diastole diverges – when the upper end of the teeth is facing each other, parallel diastole – when the spaced ones are aligned in parallel. What is the diastole closing? In our clinic, we undertake treatments to remove diastema. Treatment mode depends on the cause of the gap between the 1: true – the diastema is due to the overgrowth or low attachment of the upper lip lozenge, Allegedly – diastema is caused by hypodontia, ie lack of lateral incisors, smaller size or overdose, Physiological – occurring in children between the ages of 7 and 9, observed in the period before the incisal of secant lateral solids. Liquidation of the true diastole consists in undercutting the fret. In some cases, the patient is also advised to wear an orthodontist. At the tapered diastole, a fixed orthodontic device is necessary to remove it, and for the diastole, the device will be removed. Due to the lack of teeth, the diastema may be eradicated using implants, and if the teeth in the jaw are too much, we use extraction. Closure of the diastole is not only necessary for the physiological diastole, because it will close itself spontaneously when the teeth of the dairy are replaced in the child with permanent teeth.

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