Dental prosthese

gabinet protetyczny
gabinet protetyczny
Our dental prostheses are made of different materials. These are among others: • fixed prostheses, • partial prostheses, • movable prostheses, • Total prostheses, • prostheses, etc. Total prostheses, also called settling stones, are most often used in the event of complete dentition loss of the patient. Such a dental prosthesis will be made of durable materials, which are reminiscent of natural dentition. This type of dental reconstruction allows you to re-enjoy the smile and safely chew your meals. The face regains its former features and the patient can enjoy life again. Total movable prostheses remain in the oral cavity by adherence, which means that between the denture plate and the jaw is a saliva layer. However, this is not a certain and ideal solution. The prosthesis may not stick as well as it should, and may be out of danger. In turn complete fixed prostheses are based on dental implants and allow for stable reconstruction of the toothless. In the first place, patients are implanted with dental implants, replacing the root of the tooth, and then mounted on them, made in the prosthetic workshop, dental prosthesis. It is a modern denture that does not fall and does not threaten to fall out. They improve the health and appearance of the patient. He may normally eat and talk as if he regained his natural teeth. Partial dentures, in turn, are used in patients with major deficiencies in dentition, but in those who still have a few teeth. Partial settling dentures are fixed by means of suitable mechanisms for the patient’s teeth – by means of hinges, latches, clamps or locks. All these elements are made of metal, which is an aesthetic disadvantage, although they retain stability and durability. On the other hand, partial dentures, called skeletal ones, consist of acrylic parts with missing teeth and metal connectors that allow the prosthesis to be joined. They are resistant to loads and, most importantly, allow you to transfer the force of chewing to the bone in a natural way. Slow down natural bone atrophy. Each prosthesis is selected in the Supradent clinic in Warsaw for individual needs and preferences of the patient. Our experts will advise you on the best solution to your problem of tooth decay or tooth decay. In a short space of time, our patients can enjoy beautiful, full smile again with the perfect dental prosthesis.

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