Dental surgery Warsaw

The Supradent Clinic undertakes specialized surgical treatment of the oral cavity and more. Contemporary dental surgery includes many treatments that are performed by our fully qualified doctors. It is not only for surgical removal of the tooth. Our Supradent clinic in Warsaw has specialized equipment and experience that allows us to provide comprehensive assistance to patients on many levels of dentistry, including dental surgery. Possible reasons for visiting a dentist in Warsaw Dental surgery can help patients suffering from many dental problems. The cause of surgical assistance may be problems with the teeth, including Numerous periodontal diseases, as well as root apex in case of endodontic complications. A dentist at the Supradent clinic in Warsaw prepares surgical patients for prosthetics before orthodontic treatment and implant surgery.

Scope of dental surgery

Dental surgery in Warsaw offered by the Supradent includes the following treatments: • Extraction of the tooth – removal of the tooth. Surgical dentistry involves the removal of teeth that can no longer be saved in the course of standard dental treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the tooth that is held in the bone or broken. Extraction is also done within the wisdom teeth – surgical extraction of the eights. • Hemisection – a multicentre treatment involving the removal of a diseased root or root and leaving only a healthy part of the tooth. • Resection of the root tip – the procedure consists in cutting off the root of the diseased root, with single root teeth. • Abscess treatment. • Treatment of oral-facial fistulas. • Joint surgery with maxillary sinus.

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