Dentistry Prevention

It is important to have comprehensive dental prophylaxis that we can offer our clients to a clinic in Warsaw. What is dental prophylaxis? Preventive dentistry, dental or dental prophylaxis include activities aimed at the comprehensive prevention of dental and periodontal disease. Our dentists take many treatments that are designed to effectively fight plaque and plaque. These two factors are the main cause of caries development and many diseases of the periodontium, including periodontitis.

Procedures for dental prophylaxis

At our Supradent clinic in Warsaw you can take advantage of comprehensive dental prophylaxis, which will also teach oral hygiene. Each of you must know how to properly care for the health of your teeth and mouth and also know the basic principles of brushing your teeth. It would seem that these are commonly known issues, even to children, and in practice it turns out that we have huge deficiencies in this regard.

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