Filling the tooth

Tooth treatment is a must if we want to enjoy a complete denture for many years to come. Given the fact that even 90-95 percent. Poles have caries, and each of us will be treated in a dental practice at some point in our lives. Primary dental treatment is the so-called. Seals or anything else like tooth fillings.

What is dental filling?

The filling of the tooth consists in reconstructing or reconstructing the tooth. For dental fillings Supradent dental tools and materials are used in our dental clinic. By taking up the process of filling the tooth our doctors strive to maintain the health of the tooth and enable it to function properly. Thanks to the premise, the tooth can be rescued from extraction. The cause of tooth fillings is its mechanical damage or cavities. First, the dentist’s dentist cleanses the tooth from biological residue, and then he or she replaces it, filling the tooth. The procedure may be under local anesthesia, although not every patient requires it.

Materials for filling the tooth

Seals, or dental fillings, are made from a variety of materials, which should be fully safe for the patient’s health, durable and aesthetic. Over the years dental surgeries have used amalgam fillings. Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and other metals, so it has been shown to be harmful to the health of the patients. The color of silver or black fill was also not aesthetic. Today in modern dental clinics, including Supradent, other materials are used, including: • Composite resins – light-cured dental seals, less durable than amalgam, • ionomer cements – easily bind to the teeth, but their white color limits their use, • Gold – a permanent fill but not popular because of the lack of color matching.

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