Fluorination of teeth

Fluorination is a procedure where the patient applies additional fluoride doses to the patient. It may take the form of a procedure performed under close supervision of the dentist, which will include the application of special gels or fluoride paints on the surface of the teeth. Hence, fluoridation of the teeth can be called fluoride varnish.[:en]Prophylaxis of oral cavity can help prevent caries and other diseases of the teeth or periodontium. One of the treatments that are implemented as part of the prevention of carious lesions is fluoridation. What is it about, who and why is it used?

What is fluorescence?

It is worth pointing out, however, that fluorine compounds favor the teeth of a human being. They strengthen the tooth enamel, making it highly resistant to acids and bacteria causing caries. Most of us provide the body with the right amount of fluoride through water, food, and above all the use of oral hygiene. If this proves to be insufficient, dental fluorosis is recommended in the dental office. Thanks to the right dose of fluoride this element penetrates the tooth enamel and acts on the calcium in the teeth. It affects its strengthening, which makes calcium less soluble in the acids from the oral cavity, and the glaze becomes stronger.

When should fluorosis be performed?

The indication for fluoridation of teeth is: caries prevention in both children and adults, remineralization of enamel, occurrence of discoloration of the dentition, prevention of secondary caries in the area of fillings, crowns and prosthetic restorations, hypersensitivity to the neck, also in the course of orthodontic treatment.

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