Gingivitis is a serious dental problem, which patients come to our clinic Supradent in Warsaw, patients of all ages. What symptoms are suitable for gingivitis?

What is gingivitis?

The inflammatory condition of the gingiva is the enemy of our teeth. Its cause is usually the wrong oral hygiene, which results in plaque build up by bacteria in combination with saliva and food residue. The plate undergoes mineralization and generates tartar. This collects right at the edge of the tooth and gums, repelling them from the roots. Stone scabs squeeze between the teeth and gums, making it the pathway for bacteria that develop while destroying the tooth structure. An inflammatory condition occurs, which involves first gingival – gingiva, and later, if not properly treated, will be transferred to the bones of the jaw and jaw, threatening the stability of our teeth.

What causes inflammation of the gums

Gingivitis, like dental disease, is often caused by lack of or inadequate oral hygiene. However, gingivitis can be caused not only by the formation of bacterial plaque, but also by the appearance of diseases of the whole organism. Sometimes, the responsibility for such periodontal condition in the patient is the medication he receives in connection with other diseases. Gingival pain, which is one of the signs of inflammation, can be due to mechanical damage to the gums, such as excessive scrubbing of the teeth or eating hard food. Red gums sometimes become a symptom of other systemic diseases. This is the case with leukemia, diabetes, anorexia and bulimia. The appearance of the gums is affected by the intake of drugs for epilepsy, calcium channel blockers, or drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease or antibiotics.

Gingivitis – Symptoms

Chewing gum is difficult to overlook. Already after about 3-4 weeks of plaque deposition, the risk of gingivitis is increasing. Among the symptoms of inflammation are: hypersensitivity of the teeth, as well as dental necks on the thermal factors, excessive, visible to the naked eye of plaque, gingivitis, redness and swelling of the gums, Bleeding gums during hygiene, lowering of the neck, teeth whittling. Symptoms of inflammatory gingivitis appear gradually, but they inevitably lead to tooth loss if the patient does not report to the dentist in time.[:]

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