Implant prosthetic

In the field of dentistry, there are many different departments that deal with a different area of teeth treatment and cavity restoration. Implant prosthetics consists of actions undertaken in two stages:
  • surgical part – implantation,
  • prosthetic part – restoration of the tooth on the implant.
Implant prosthetics, contrary to appearances, is not a new method of dental treatment, since it has been in existence for more than four decades, but it is still developing. Thanks to the development of medical technology and knowledge, it is now possible to rebuild patients’ teeth even more. Implants implanted in patients are safe and durable, and at the same time they integrate perfectly with the surrounding tissues. Implantology can be used with partial and complete missing teeth, each time obtaining the desired results.

Prosthetics on implants

The purpose of implantation is to stabilize complete prostheses, prosthetic bridges or single porcelain crowns, which are supposed to fill the gaps in the patient’s natural teeth. As part of implant prosthetics, after implant implants, a previously constructed plan of prosthetic restoration on implants can be implemented. Before this happens, the doctor will analyze the occlusion conditions of the patient, his individual needs and aesthetic expectations. Reconstruction must be as natural and comfortable as possible. It must minimize the risk of overloading in the chewing system that could generate pain. In implant prosthetics, the surgeon and the prosthetist work closely together. After healing the implants, the prosthetist extracts the impression from the patient’s oral cavity and proceeds to reconstruct the missing teeth. An implant is screwed into the implant, on which a single tooth can be fixed, a set of teeth – a prosthetic bridge or a full prosthesis. Implant prosthetics allows for stable reconstruction of dentition. We make it in our Supradent clinic in Warsaw, using the knowledge, skills and many years of experience of our dentists – surgeons and implantologists.

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