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Gabinet Stomatologiczny
Gabinet Stomatologiczny
Not every one of us gave us a beautiful smile, full of fair white teeth. Thanks to today’s dentistry and the techniques it employs, the desired aesthetic effect can be achieved in the oral cavity even when the patient’s teeth are in a deformed state. This allows for dental implantology. What is it?

Implatology – what is it actually?

The concept of dental implantology is to be understood as a method of filling dental cavities. For years, this method of treatment is being used in our Superadent clinic in Warsaw. Implants are not so much artificial teeth as high-titanium titanium screws we implant in patients with bone. They have to imitate the natural roots of the teeth and provide a support for the crown placed on them. Same implants are not teeth yet, but their most important part. Good implant placement is the foundation for conducting and planning further dental prosthetics. In the future, single dental crowns or prosthetic bridges are implanted on the implants, in accordance with the assumptions made with the patient by the implantologist.

Modern implantology in Warsaw

Supradent Dental Clinic in Warsaw offers a wide range of dental prosthetics services, including various implant treatments. At the first visit, the implantologist will assess whether it will be possible to perform appropriate procedures leading to implant placement in the bones of the implants and to build support for prosthetic restorations. In the field of dental implantology we use modern systems, which not only allow us to fill cavities in the dentition of our patients, but also reconstruction of the periosteum and placement of implants even in problematic places, which were so far unavailable in such procedures. An insurmountable obstacle is no longer significant bone loss. In such patients, we offer a procedure for implantation of implants, controlled bone regeneration, and dental cavity lift.[:]

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