This is a revolutionary and well established treatment used to support the restoration not only of a missing tooth or teeth but also of the bone, enabling a doctor to place an implant where it was impossible before. The overall success rate of dental implant restorations currently stands at 98% The Supradent Clinic uses a few implanting systems. A treatment plan is customised for each individual patient to satisfy his/her individual expectations and needs. What is a dental implant? It is a titanium screw embedded into the jaw bone. Implants fuse to the bone and, imitating a tooth’s root, serve as a base over which a prosthetic crown is placed. To be successfully inserted, dental implants require an adequate amount and quality of bone. If there is not enough healthy bone to hold an implant, the bone is reconstructed during the guided bone regeneration and sinus lift surgeries. Patients suffering from bone loss will benefit from those procedures. The Supradent Clinic boasts an operating theatre where dental surgical procedures, including dental implant surgery, can be carried out under local or general anesthesia. Advantages of implants:
  • Improved appearance – life-long solution restoring the look of your natural teeth, guaranteeing a beautiful smile
  • Long term oral health
  • Alternative to slipping dentures or not esthetic metal braces
  • No need to alter/reduce the nearby healthy teeth as is the case with tooth-supported bridges
  • Restore function and aesthetics of natural teeth
  • Proper and comfortable chewing, and therefore digestion
  • Preservation of natural facial features.

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