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What is a pantomogram?

The Pantomogram is a panoramic X-ray (X-ray) of the teeth, jaw and mandible bones, as well as temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. Panoramic photo of teeth is their x-ray with a special X-ray machine, which is shown on the plate: in order to, jaw bones, jaw, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinus. The image visible on the teeth picture is increased by an average of 15 percent. and all anatomic structures of the alveolar processes are clearly visible. On the basis of the teeth panorama, you can accurately assess the state of the periodontium, determine the abnormalities in the structure of the roots of the teeth, check whether there are teeth retained, or to what extent the teeth have been mineralized. The pantomogram is a layered photo, which means that some tooth structures may not be properly visible in the picture. Indications for testing The execution of the pantomogram is necessary, among others before establishing a permanent orthodontic appliance, but not only. The dentist may refer his patient to a pantomographic picture if he / she wants to properly diagnose any injuries to the jaw. The indication for a panoramic photo of teeth is also: deep carious teeth changes, periodontal disease, planned orthodontic treatment, putting on dental implants, tooth extraction, especially when having to extract teeth that have been cut or stopped.

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