Porcelain crowns in Supradent Warsaw

Gabinet stomatologiczny
Gabinet stomatologiczny
Each tooth consists of a root located in the gum and a prominent part, called the crown. Destruction of the natural tooth in such a way that it is no longer possible to rebuild it with a composite seal, does not necessarily mean having to reconcile having a partial dentition. Natural crown can be replaced by prosthetic restoration, such as. porcelain crown.

Why do lace for teeth?

Dental crowns, or prosthetic crowns, are cemented permanently in the patient’s mouth so they can not be removed, as is the case with artificial whole or partial dentures. Crown crowns are used not only to recreate a damaged tooth, whose healthy root is still in the gingiva. They play an important role during implant treatment as they restore the functional and elastic part of the tooth. The implant itself is just a metal element (titanium) that is screwed into the jaw or jaw bone and plays a role of a solid root. Thanks to dental crowns, the shape, size and color of the patient’s natural teeth can also be improved. Aesthetic porcelain crown In our clinic we offer patients primarily porcelain crowns. Prosthetic crowns can be made of metal, porcelain on a metal base, porcelain or acrylic and composite materials. The latter are used as a rule to make temporary crowns. All-ceramic crowns, commonly referred to as ceramic crowns, have the highest aesthetics of execution, are durable and durable, and their advantage is that they can be used in the front as well as in the lateral arch.

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