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Professional teeth whitening in a dental office

Unfortunately, not every nature has beautiful white teeth. This does not necessarily mean reconciling with discolored, yellowed or graying teeth. Professional teeth whitening in a dental office will allow you to effectively and, most importantly, safely, get the desired tooth color. We invite you to get acquainted with the most important information about methods of teeth whitening in Warsaw, our clinic Supradent.

Why do teeth whiten?

The color of our teeth is determined by the enamel. It consists of enamel prisms and is the hardest of the tooth tissues. Young people usually boast relatively white teeth. Over the years, it begins to get thinner, exposed all the time to injuries, bacterial acid attacks, and grinding. When the enamel is getting translucent, characteristic spots appear. They are the result of the glaucoma of the yellow dentine, which is just below its surface. Dark color and discoloration also result from the fact that chewing food leads to enamel clotting and the formation of microcracks in which pigments and deposits accumulate. Teeth become less aesthetically as a result of frequent drinking red wine, smoking cigarettes, or consuming eg colored drinks, including popular cola. Yellowish teeth look ugly, but you can completely change their appearance, thanks to whitening.

Aesthetic dentistry treatment

Tooth whitening allows to increase their aesthetic qualities. Both ladies and gentlemen enjoy such treatments in our Warsaw clinic. There are many ways to whiten your teeth at the dentist. They can therefore be adapted to individual patient preferences and to the state of its dentition. In our dentist’s office we use special lamps and the active substance, which is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The first stage of whitening is the cleaning of the teeth, which can be carried out, for example, dental hygienist, under the direction of the dentist or the doctor himself. Later, a tooth whitening procedure is performed that starts with selecting a specific color for the enamel and determines whether the desired effect is achievable by the patient. The doctor will carefully examine the condition of the patients and will assess whether there are any contraindications to the procedure. The gums of the patient are then secured and the gel with a high concentration of active substance is applied to the teeth. Activating the lamp for about 10-15 minutes effectively removes discoloration, and the teeth can become even snow-white. In our office we only perform safe teeth whitening.

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