Prosthetic bridge

In the case of comprehensive prosthetic treatment in our Supradent dental clinic in Warsaw, we use various fixed restorations, which are examples of prosthetic bridges. What does the prosthetic bridge look like, what does it look like and how does the bridle work?

What is the bridge?

The prosthetic bridge, which is a permanent restoration of the gaps in the dentition of the patient, consists of prosthetic crowns, which are embedded on the pillar teeth or implants. They are connected with a span or spines, ie artificial teeth, which effectively replace the missing teeth.

Types of prosthetic bridges

Due to the type of material used in the manufacture of prosthetic bridges, they can be divided into several types: full-ceramic bridges, porcelain bridges – ceramic – consisting of metal base – made of stainless steel or gold and ceramic crown, Composite or acrylic bridges – most often they are a temporary solution. New adhesion bridges The classic toothed bridge requires grinding in the first place of the pillar teeth on which it will be cemented. However, this can be avoided with the use of adhesive bridges. There is no need to grind healthy tooth tissues, especially if we are dealing with single tooth defects. The adhesive bridging system offers great aesthetic effects and affects patient comfort. The prosthetic bridge is fixed using a new generation composite material for the lingual surfaces, ie the inner neighboring teeth. with durable and durable glass fiber. If a patient tends to clench his teeth or suffers from bruxism (gnashing of teeth), it is not recommended to restore the prosthetic gaps.

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