Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry a dental specialty pertaining to the restoration of failed or missing teeth with natural-looking reconstructions such as crowns, bridges and removable dentures to restore and maintain oral function, comfort and the esthetics of your smile. The rewards of prosthetic dentistry are easy to see every time you smile. Prosthetic crowns are used to restore a broken or deficient tooth. They are a type of dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a weak tooth. A change in shape, colour or positioning results in an improvement in appearance. Crowns can be placed over a patient’s tooth or over implants. They can be made of many restorative materials:
  • porcelain fused to metal crowns – bonded porcelain to a metallic (gold, steel or titanium) substructure crown
  • metal-free crowns – all-ceramic (porcelain) crowns providing the most aesthetic results.
The decision as to the choice of crown is taken by the patient and doctor together. Prosthetic bridges enable the dental restoration of the missing teeth. This type of dental restoration involves using the patient’s adjacent teeth, which are first reduced in size to accommodate the prosthetic crowns to be placed over them. Then the gap between the abutment teeth is filled with a dental prosthetic device attached to the crowns of the adjacent teeth.

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