Radiological diagnostics

During individual planning of teeth treatment, periodontal disease and planning of prosthetic reconstruction of the patient’s teeth or the use of dental implants, it is of great importance to properly recognize the current state of teeth and bones. Radiological diagnostics turns out to be an invaluable help. Thanks to it, you can recognize the condition of the jaw bone and jaw, see and observe the course of pathological changes in the patient’s mouth. As part of radiological diagnostics at the Supradent clinic, we carry out a number of tests using X-rays. This allows you to perform imaging tests to record the image of a fragment or the entire dentition. We carry out tests using the most modern equipment: 3D computer tomography, pantomogram, Cephalometric, Radiovisiography. X-rays are made intra-oral and extra-oral, depending on individual needs. Among the intraoral photos we distinguish: adjoining pictures showing at most 3 teeth, allowing recognition of the tooth, root, cysts and possible tumors, occlusion photos are created after placing the plate in the occlusal plane of the teeth, which allows to diagnose malocclusion or check where invisible teeth are located. Extraoral images are taken to visualize the existing facial trauma due to injury or illness, or exclude them completely.

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