Removal of tartar

On the surface of our teeth, as a result of consuming certain foods, a dark, dark-colored solid is formed. It is a plaque that is made of calcified plaque. It grows faster, the less the patient cares for proper oral hygiene, smokes cigarettes or often drinks coffee or tea. Removal of tartar alone, especially when stored in large quantities, is virtually impossible. Luckily, dental clinics, including our Supradent clinic, perform tartar remedies.

Removing the stone from the teeth of a dental clinic

An adult patient should regularly perform tartar cleaning to fulfill all the principles of oral disease prevention. Removal of plaque is possible using a variety of methods. At the clinic Supradent we use scaling teeth, which cleans teeth is quickly and effectively. What is scaling? Scaling is a dental procedure that involves removing the stone from the patient’s teeth. It is made both on the visible part of the tooth and under the gums, which is an excellent environment for developing potentially pathogenic bacteria. Invokes paradontosis and caries. We can offer you a scabies or subgingival gingiva to remove hard dental plaque. That is why it can be said that it is a specific descaling of the teeth. The supraclavicular scaling involves the removal of plaque from the surface of the crown of the teeth. In contrast, subgingival scaling allows removal of the stone depositing below the gum surface. Regardless of this scaling, it will always be a surgical procedure that needs to be performed in the dentist’s office, for the patient’s safety.

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