Repeat channel treatment?

When necessary? In the vast majority of cases, tooth cleaning is performed only once in a patient. Ductal treatment does not need to be repeated and it becomes a way to save even those teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. Completely reconstructed tooth, after endodontic treatment can survive many years in unchanged state and not give any pain. However, it happens that despite the treatment the disease progresses inside the tooth. Recurrence of infection may occur after a few months, and sometimes even years, after the end of the first endodontic treatment. The tooth starts to hurt again, and the dentist must decide whether to open it again and treat the canal again. If the first endodontic failure or additional complications have occurred in the patient, canal treatment may be re-performed, which may possibly save the tooth. The cause of complications for root canal treatment may be Additional channels that were not found during standard channel treatment, The presence of narrow or curved channels that are untreated during the first treatment, perforations of the chamber or root of the tooth, Endodontically broken tools that prevent proper cleaning of the duct. Repeated root canal treatment becomes necessary if a new caries defect has exposed previously filled channels and caused bacterial contamination. This treatment is also undertaken when a crown or fill fracture or fill fractures or infiltration occurs, or when it has spread from the roots of the adjacent tooth.

What is the recurrent channel treatment?

If the dentist decides to re-endodontically treat the patient, he or she thoroughly examines and performs or orders a X-ray picture. In our clinic we always discuss with the patient all available treatment options, and in agreement with him, we make the final decision to perform a second channel treatment, if possible.

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