Tooth extraction

Extraction of the tooth is the removal of the tooth, which the dentist can not in any way save, or his or her presence in the patient’s mouth interferes with the planned prosthetic or orthodontic treatment. How does the extraction procedure work? What is the procedure for removing the tooth? Removal of the tooth, or extraction of the tooth, is a procedure that belongs to the scope of dental surgery. This involves removing the tooth from the alveolus, using the dentist’s appropriate tools. The golden principle of extraction, also used in our Supradent clinic in Warsaw, is to remove a tooth only if it has already been exhausted or there is no possibility of using other therapies to save it. Every time the tooth removal should be preceded by a medical history that answers the question of whether there are no contraindications for such surgery in the field of dental surgery. Tooth removal is a last resort Solid tooth extraction, unlike milk extraction, is irreversible. This means that at the site of the removed tooth will not grow another, and only the prosthetic restoration or implant will be the option to replace the missing tooth. The dentist should do everything to prevent extraction of the teeth, although sometimes it is inevitable. This happens when the tooth is subjected to advanced caries, which can not be cured, and in addition it could cause other, potentially fatal complications.

What is the procedure like?

Dental extraction is usually a planned procedure, preceded by a medical history and X-ray imaging, on the basis of which the dentist can evaluate the general condition of the dentition of the patient and plan well to remove the problematic tooth. The procedure lasts only a few minutes and is currently in our clinic almost always under local anesthesia. However, there are cases where the tooth has to be removed under general anesthesia. During extraction, the dentist uses special tools to loosen the tooth in the gum and eventually remove it from the alveolus. Then the hole, if necessary, is stapled.

The procedure after extraction of the tooth

Complete regeneration of soft tissues after a tooth extraction usually lasts a few days. The patient should follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. If after anesthesia has cleared after surgery, pain, can reach commonly available painkillers and take them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Drinking alcohol after tooth extraction is not recommended because it stimulates blood flow in the gums, which can lead to uncontrolled bleeding and the wound will get worse. Alcohol after tooth extraction can only be ingested after the gum has fully grown.

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