Treatment of caries

Survey research showed that only 50% Poles brush their teeth daily, in the morning and in the evening, thus protecting themselves effectively against caries. The problem is that sometimes brushing is performed carelessly, and after washing the teeth, a person is eating a meal or drinking a sweet drink, thereby exposing itself to the attack of caries bacteria. Fortunately, it is possible to treat dental caries. In our clinic Supradent removal of caries is done under a painless procedure. Why are we suffering from caries? Caries is a bacterial disease caused by bacteria that break down our oral cavity. They produce organic acids and have adapted well to being acidic. Bacteria form a soft, yellow plaque – a dental plaque that adheres to the surface of the teeth. In 80% The plate is built by microbes, and only 20 percent. through an organic substrate.

The development of caries is influenced by many factors

diet rich in sugars, Incorrect oral hygiene or lack of it, Rare visit to the dental office. Caries will not arise if our daily meals consist exclusively of pure water, fats and proteins. Otherwise, we must count on the fact that caries bacteria will destroy our enamel, which becomes porous. At the first stage of its development, it can be effectively prevented from further degradation of the teeth. The painless dental treatment in Warsaw, which we offer at the Supradent clinic, should encourage you to visit the dentist’s office and remove the caries at an early stage. If we do not do this, the acids will continue to damage the glaze, and the teeth will penetrate into the inside of the tooth, destroying the tooth. Hollow formation – a carious loss that will require boronation, and in the further stage it may be necessary to start endodontic treatment – channel. We invite you to treat your teeth in Warsaw, Supradent clinic

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