Treatment of gum recession

In our clinic we can offer many ways to treat gum recession. The easiest way to cover the lining with composite material is to reduce the sensitivity of the exposed dentin to the stimulus but not to increase the thickness of the gum. Gingival recalls are also treated using a resection technique. It is used for chronic inflammation of the root of the tooth root. Resection is a procedure that cuts off the root tip and removes the inflammatory lesions that occur in it. Treatment of gingival recession can also be performed surgically when mucosal surgery is performed.

What is gingival recession?

In dental terminology, gingival recession is nothing more than revealing the root surface as a result of gingival margin. This causes the cervical tooth to expose and to prolong the tooth. The most common recession is fangs and incisors, but less often, this phenomenon is observed on the lateral teeth. However, it is not only aesthetic defect, but also a serious dental problem that causes many different ailments and health consequences. The consequences of the recession are: Increased hypersensitivity of the teeth to external factors – mainly for cold and warm foods and drinks, Increased pain in the throat, including acid and sweet foods, increased susceptibility to mechanical stimuli, sometimes also to touching the gums, Increased susceptibility to tooth decay, emergence of cavities, such as tooth erosion or abrasion of surfaces, problems in proper oral hygiene, problems with conservative or prosthetic treatment, In extreme cases, inflamed pulp and the need for endodontic treatment.

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