Veneers without grinding


Veneers without grinding – a special type of veneers

In our Supradent clinic we offer you various types of veneers. Their unique type is veneers without grinding, so called. crisps for teeth. The teeth of the veneers are then applied only from the outside, without grinding the surface of the teeth. This is the all-ceramic veneers we can do for you in the clinic in Warsaw. Such veneers have many advantages, including the need to intervene in the patient’s tooth tissue. Therefore, veneers without grinding are a treatment that is completely reversible. If you decide after some time that you no longer want them, you can always take them off.

How do you assume veneers without grinding?

By deciding on veneers without grinding, the patient is first consulted with a specialist who will perform them. Later, the patient’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned and polished before the impression is taken, and the prosthetic laboratory performs very thin veneers on the patient’s base. They are prepared for individual orders, using very durable ceramics.

Advantages of such veneers

Veneers without sanding are ultra-thin – they are about 0.3 mm thick, but at the same time they are very durable. They allow you to achieve the desired aesthetic effect, just as you would with classic porcelain veneers. However, they are only used for certain clinical conditions. Not every patient in the Supradent Clinic will be able to wear veneers without grinding.

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