Eight (wisdom) teeth extraction

What are eight?

In the last row in the jaw or jaw of the patient we have eight teeth, also called wisdom teeth. They are the last, roughly between the ages of 17 and 21, but that does not mean they will not even erupt when the patient is 30. Eight molars are molars that serve to crush food. Their appearance in the mouth can lead to the curvature of the remaining teeth, because often they hardly fit in the jaw. In addition, they are more difficult than other teeth exposed to cavity attacks, because access to them during daily oral brushing is difficult. This is why food is the most important nutrient for bacteria, leading to the development and development of caries.

When it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth

Removing the eighth becomes a necessity when it starts to cause real problems. The dentist recommends the removal of such teeth as they croth other teeth and impede proper jaw movement relative to the jaw. Basically, treating wisdom tooth caries is very difficult, especially when it is advisable to perform root canal treatment. In that case, it is better to remove the tooth because very quickly the tooth decay can spread to other teeth. The same is true for gum inflammation around the 8th. This can be a signal to the dentist that the gums are accumulating under the gum. Such inflammation can be a source of infection of the entire body (sepsis), which threatens even the death of the patient.

How is the surgical removal of the eight?

Because eighths are large teeth, firmly embedded in the soft tissue of the gums, most often they are recommended for surgical removal. The maxillofacial surgeon must intervene if during the ejaculation the process stops and the tooth is invisible. Often the position of the eighths is incorrect, which can damage the roots of the remaining molars. The removal of the eighths in Warsaw, in our Supradent clinic, is performed after x-rays or tomography, which allows for careful planning of the procedure. It is performed under anesthesia – local or general. It lasts up to an hour, and when removing eights, we use a microscope in our work to remove all the eighths, if any.

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