Endodontics in Supradent Warsaw

Klinika stomatologiczna
Klinika stomatologiczna
Endodontics is a canal treatment that many patients see as a serious interference in the structure of the tooth. This is true, but endodontics in Warsaw, performed by our dentists, does not cause any pain. The patient is anesthetized prior to the surgery in a convenient and tailored way to his or her individual needs, followed by an endodontic treatment.

When is the endodontic treatment performed?

The endodontic dentist, before proceeding with root canal and root canal treatment, first examines the patient and orders X-rays. Based on the film can decide on the mode of further treatment. Endodontic treatments allow for the cure of teeth in which the pulp has been irreversibly altered, disease, by microorganisms, usually caries. Endodontic treatment consists of removal of dead or infected pulp from the canal, strongly resorbed, then filling and sealing of the tooth. Endodonta in Warsaw in our clinic Supradent performs canal treatment according to a multi-stage plan that includes: 1. Opening the tooth chamber and removing the diseased or dead pulp of the tooth. 2. Cleansing (development) of dental canals (there may be different channels). 3. Drying of the teeth. 4. Channel filling with chemically inert materials. 5. Fill the tooth with cosmetic materials – insert a seal.

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